Will deliver radiopharmaceutical products to clients in a timely, accurate and safe manner.
Will assist pharmacy personnel with the preparation and packaging of the canisters for delivery, including wipes and perimeter surveys prior to delivery.
Assist pharmacy personnel in unpacking and checking in canisters, including wipes on returned canisters and surveying perimeters and canisters.
Maintain and care for their assigned vehicle, to ensure the vehicle is operating safely.
Assists with perimeter and area wipes and surveys as may be needed, including vehicles.
Wrap and/or unwrap syringes.

Assists with the loading and unloading of canisters from their own vehicle and other vehicles as needed.
Will understand and follow the required procedures of the Nuclear Medicine Departments for each customer in making deliveries.
Must maintain a clean driving record and be responsible for immediately notifying their supervisor of any and all citations or traffic altercations whether on the job or off the job.
Will assist with keeping the pharmacy clean and sterile which may include assisting with cleaning, trash removal, sweeping/vacuuming and mopping.
Assists with related tasks and duties as may be assigned.
Job Requirements•
Prior experience as a Courier or Driver, with preference to same experience in the radiopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical or laboratory industries.
Must be able to repeatedly lift and carry in excess of 85 lbs.
Requires the ability to follow directions/instructions, along with using GPS, navigation systems and maps to delivery to their clients.
Must possess a valid state specific driver’s license.
Must be able to safely operate a motor vehicle in varying weather conditions.
Requires an exemplary driving record which must be maintained. Will be responsible for immediately notifying their supervisor of any and all citations received and any and all traffic altercations. This pertains not only while at work but also any incurred during non-work hours.
Requires the ability to drive distances.
Requires the ability to drive days and nights.
Must be able to work shifts, nights, weekends and/or some holidays.
Must have good communication skills and be computer literate.
Must be able to sit for extended periods of time in the course of driving to the delivery destination(s).
Must meet and pass the required testing for the safe handling and deliveries or radiopharmaceuticals.
Good communication skills are required for communicating with customers on a daily basis.
Requires a HS Diploma, GED or equivalent.
Must be able to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, instructions and directions.

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