NCM’s strategy is to develop the most advanced PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution network in New York State. The market for molecular imaging agents in the United States currently exceeds $1.3 billion annually and is expected to grow to over $3 billion by 2020.
Most existing manufacturing facilities are outdated, and, due to new FDA regulations, they lack the capacity to meet demands for new compounds while continuing to produce their current line of radiopharmaceuticals. There are approximately 60 new radioactive biomarkers (substances that are used to detect the presence or growth of an illness) now undergoing clinical trials in the United States. Many of these isotopes will emerge as new products during the next five years. The shortfall in existing production capacity supports our strategy for creating a new PET radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the New York area.
NCM has signed a technology procurement agreement with General Electric (GE) for cyclotron and associated manufacturing technologies. We are introducing patented proprietary technologies from Posi-Med, a first in the PET industry and introducing an innovative technology designed to exceed the newly announced FDA 212 requirements. Introduction of these technologies will establish NCM as a leader in PET manufacturing in the New York area.
 Early-stage strategic alliances are NCM’s core competency and the driver of its long term success. The Company’s business strategy relies on its ability to provide a continuous pipeline of novel imaging agents and its relationships with leading pharmaceutical companies and research universities.

To supplement its internal product development capabilities, NCM will maintain ongoing sponsored research with world-class scientists. We will expand collaborative relationships with universities and hospitals to identify promising new imaging technologies. NCM will acquire the exclusive licensing rights to discoveries made by university and hospital partners where appropriate.

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The radionuclides employed for imaging purposes are isotopes of radioactive elements such as uranium or iodine that produce gamma rays with high penetrating power that can be recorded by a gamma camera or scintillation detector that captures the images..>

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