Yitzchak Tessler,

The driving force behind NCM, Yitzchak Tessler is the Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Tessler Developments, LLC, a New York City-based real estate development firm. Under his direction and vision, Tessler Developments has developed over $2 billion worth of New York real estate and redefined the standard of luxury New York living for residential owners. His commercial developments include schools, educational housing, hotels, residential apartments and retail space. Among his recent projects are 240 Park Avenue South, 260 Park Avenue, 150 Nassau Street and the Textile Building on Leonard Street. 

During the 1980s and 90s Mr. Tessler founded and owned a diamond mining and manufacturing firm in South Africa and worked closely with De Beers.

Mr. Tessler now dedicates a large portion of his time and resources to supporting non-profit organizations, with an emphasis on education and health ventures. His entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in all aspects of the development and operations of complex, multi-use physical plants and their operations ensures NCM’s success




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